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Feel Me On This (Music Video)

Nominated and awarded “Top 10 Music Video” at the 5th Annual Ottawa International Film Festival music video challenge

Ottawa Show Box covered the challenge saying this:
“Typical rap video, minus the objectification of women which was nice. Walking, rhyming and smoking a joint.”

C-Note also had his song “Funk Back” featured in a short film at theOttawa International Film Festival, at Lansdown Park, Ottawa, where he ha a short performance


- ‍‍‍C-Note is said to be working on a couple new EP/Mixtapes

Review made by SoundCheck Entertainment on the Madchild show C-Note opened at in Ottawa 2017

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"Beyond and C-Note both brought their a-games to centre stage as well. Delivering punchy and witty lines that told stories of struggle, success and desire.

C-Note slaying at the Bourbon Room in Ottawa. Photo by Dave Di Ubaldo.

Easily the standouts of the undercard, they both delivered unique and passionate performances, showcasing the depth of Ottawa’s underground hip hop scene."

What To Expect

- C-Note is said to be ‍‍‍working on a song/video featuring Toronto rapper Stitch

- C-Note says he has a few new videos coming in 2018 showing his many different styles

- C-Note was Nominated for "Artist Of The Year" in the Faces Awa‍‍‍rds 2018

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C-Note announced the release of his latest music video titled "Dope Shxt" to drop July 16