“I’m a hip-hop artist out of Ottawa, Canada. Just a young man with big dreams, a strong passion and hard ambitions.
I’m a Funky Hip-Hop artist with a thuggish touch. I’ve never let anyone or anything stop me, or get in the way of my goals, nor do I plan on it."‍‍‍


Chris Saghbini, or better known as C-Note, was born in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, on January 18, 1993, into the Saghbini family & is of Lebanese descent.
C-Note started writing rap lyrics when he was 10 years old in the back of his grade 5 class. At the age of 13 he recorded his first song called “Hate On Us” with 2 of his cousins. To them it was for fun, but when C-Note heard himself through the speakers rapping, he knew that this was his goal in life! C-Note had a rough start through. At the beginning of his career, he got lots of hate being told he wouldn’t make it anywhere and should “drop the mic.” With not much support to start other then his family and close friends, C-Note used this to motivate himself and help better himself & his artistic abilities as a hip-hop artist building up to the rap artist he is today.
You could expect to hear C-Note spit with a variety of styles, from some old-school, funky, boom bap rap... To some deep meaningful relatable music... To some Go Hard & Get Turnt Up vibes... Or just some chill-to, smoke-to, vibin’ kind of tunes. With songs for each mood, switching up his flow and keeping good lyrics in his fashion, C-Note has really built himself up to be a great artist.
C-Note says his career really started taking off once he dropped the “Flyin’” Music Video back in 2012. Not a major jump, but it got the ball rolling & it has been going uphill from there.
C-Note has always went with the more old-school style, but has recently adapted to a more new-age style with proper lyrics and dope flows.. And the fans love it !  grew up listening to Eminem & Tupac, and they are also his 2 biggest influences followed by Nas & recently now adding Logic. These are also his top 4 favourite artists.
C-Note has performed mainly in Ottawa & Toronto opening for artists like MadChild, Krayzie Bone (of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony), La Coka Nostra & more; He has also done a cross Ontario tour in the 2015 summer. ‍‍ Previously C-Note has released 2 mixtapes: Big Dreams (2013) & Rhyme Skiiming (2015) which are posted to his SoundCloud. Recently C-Note has recently new music videos such as: "Like A Drug," "No Way," & "24/7" feat. Peter Jackson. He is said to have a song titled "N.P.A" ft Young Stitch, as well as a few new videos for the 2018 year.
This hip-hop artist is someone to keep your ears out for, so stay posted because he’s got some new material that’ll get you bumpin’ off your seat!‍‍‍‍‍‍

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